Journées Romaines Dominicaines 2009 meeting on interreligious dialogue.

Photo Gallery

Group PhotoClick HERE to view the photo gallery for Journeés Romain Dominicain 2009. In addition, a large version of the official group photo is attached to the bottom of the page. If you would like individual photos in even larger format than is available here, please email Scott Steinkerchner.

Bref historique des Journées Romaines Dominicaines

Les "Journées Romaines" ont commencé en 1956, peu de temps avant Vatican II, à l'initiative du fr. Georges Anawati, OP, et de quelques Pères Blancs, soucieux de promouvoir au sein de l'Eglise catholique une meilleure connaissance de l'Islam et de l'importance du dialogue inter-religieux. Ces rencontres ont eu lieu tous les deux à Rome jusqu'à au milieu des années 1990.

Programme de l’après-midi : New Schedule for Saturday

Mary Ann Pevas OPMary-Ann Pevas  - Le système bancaire islamique : Islamic banking: the economics of salvation


  • Mary-Ann Pevas - Le système bancaire islamique : Islamic banking: the economics of salvation

Summary of Friday's experiences

Jean Jacques Pérennès preached at morning mass and spoke of three qualities of St. Augustine that are important for us as preachers as well.  Chrys McVey, of happy memory, also embodied these qualities.

Memorial for Chrys McVey

Chrys McVey op

(Chrys McVey OP died in June, and had an important motivating force behind JRD and interreligious dialogue in the Order for many years. At the beginning of Saturday morning, we remembered him with this poem)

My dear brothers and sisters,

A brief history of the Journées Romaines Dominicaines

The "Journées Romaines" began in 1956, a few years before Vatican II, on the initiative of a Dominican, fr. Georges Anawati, OP, and some White Fathers, who were willing to develop within the Catholic Church a better awareness of Islam and of the need of more inter-religious dialogue. These meeting use to take place ever second year

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